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  1. Was most interested to see the decayed shop front re:the Beldam Asbestos Co. in Liverpool.
    I am a local historian and have recently completed a book about the Beldam Works & family. Their main ‘factory’ was near to me in Hounslow West London and was demolished last year following the last owners’ death (6 1/2 site) in existence here almost 120 years, there was also another large site at Brentford Mx. demolished in the 80’s. plus numerous other sites & shops worldwide.
    I have a great deal of their original archives kindly given to me by their last M.D. but have not until now seen an actual photo of the old Liverpool site.
    Therefore could I Obtain permission to download a picture, which will not be published, just for my own archive.
    Regards Barry R.

  2. Hi, I’m a reporter for the Liverpool Echo and this building has collapsed at 3am this morning. Drop me an email Barry! Be good to talk to you . Nice pic Tim! This’ll be the last shot because currently half of this is on Waterloo Road.

  3. Do you know how safe, or not, it was to work in the offices over the factory at beldam in hounslow. I temped there for two weeks in the mid 80s and spent the whole time terrified id get asbestosis. I now know that they were sued in the late 90s for flouting asbestos regulations.

  4. I worked at the Hounslow site of Beldams from 1969 to 1972 and be would glad of any pictures of the place. The name and ISBN of the book mentioned by Barry is also of interest. Thanks Cliff.

  5. I live in Toronto, Canada. Going thru a bunch of keys. Found an old key chain with a leather fob with the name: Beldam Asbestos Packing Ltd., 37-41 Britain St., Toronto.
    Phone disconnected, Elgin 6131-6132. Strangely too many numbers to be real
    Gerry Hobden

  6. I’m trying to find out as much as I can about Beldams Asbestos that was based in Hounslow around 1954. My grandad worked there around 1954 in the milling and rolling department. Unfortunately my mum was around when he returned home each day and has inhaled fibres that he would have had on his clothing. She has just been diagnosed with mesothelioma.

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