7 thoughts on “Graffiti

  1. Hi Crystal, I don’t know…..it’s a mystery, the day I took the photo there were groups of guys with shopping trolleys full of spray cans and paint tins, but they were a bit suspicious of the person with the camera so they didn’t tell me.
    I’m hoping some graffiti tag expert can decipher the text, it might say nothing of course but i guess that you would not put so much effort into making such a piece of art without a meaning.
    Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Peace Ekto, how cool is that! You have to say hi to your friend Reakt for me. I enjoyed your website too, link going up on my blogroll of course. If Reakt has a website he wants advertised be my guest, it’s the least I can do after all the thousands of hits I have received thanks to his art. There is something very surreal in taking a photo of something and getting a comment on the site months later, there is a bit of a message in a bottle vibe, except that the bottle gets to the right person, and I probably cycled by you.

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